Only @A Thousand Ships Cosmetic Dermatology


Stainless Steel Option(s)

Immediate, fun and natural-looking results.

Botox is $7.5/unit when given on same day as any filler.

Buy 3 syringes of filler, and your 3rd syringe is 50% off (lowest priced syringe).

Buy 4 syringes of filler, and your 2 lowest price syringes are $150 off.

Silver Option

This option is excellent if you’re on a budget but want more ability to keep the initial look long-term. Schedule every 3 months until desired look (approx. 1-3 years), then reduce # of visits.

Buy 1 syringe of Bellafill and 1 syringe of any other filler, receive 25 units Botox free. Additional Botox is $7.5/unit.
Any additional filler syringes are $100 off.

Gold Option    Incredible Liquid Makeover                
*total savings $896

Gold is the most cost-effective, yet most corrective option for full facial rejuvenation.
Purchase these 5 syringes (2 Juvederm, 2 Radiesse, 1 Belotero) and receive 20% off all.
Botox is $7.5/unit, 10 units free at time of visit, and 20 units free at next visit ($330 value)
Free skin care consult with Diana Wilson, LC, CF and a $35 facial (save $45)

Platinum Option          Long-lasting Liquid Facelift     
*total savings $1722

My best available, full-face, non-surgical package with long-lasting, natural-looking results.
6 vials of Sculptra, 3 syringes of Bellafill, 1 syringe of Juvederm and 1 syringe of Belotero
$7.5/unit Botox, 10 units free at time of visit, and 20 units free at next visit ($330 value)
Free skin care consult with Diana Wilson, LC, CF and a $35 facial
Sculptra and Bellafill syringes are given over 2-3 visits, 1 month apart

(in a nutshell)

(4-12 mo)


under-eyes, fine lines, lip border mouth lines, smile lines, parentheses, lips

(8-24 mo)


cheeks, chin, forehead- overall lifting

(2-5 years)


all areas, except the lips
must plan multiple visits

Packages are available

Add collagen induction to your regimen for correction of lines, wrinkles, pores, scars, texture, and thinning or lifeless skin. Unlike many procedures in the industry addressing skin quality, this one has three distinct advantages: always effective, no risks, & totally natural

Platinum Option
Intensive Collagen Induction Therapy

EXCLUSIVELY at A Thousand Ships

Multiple passes and deeper depth are made possible with medical-grade topical anesthetic, plus strategically-placed nerve blocks. This is not the typical micro-needling treatment. The amount of collagen created is equivalent to several “normal” treatments. Most individuals will report visibly brighter, smother, plumper skin, and compliments after the first session. Three to four treatments are recommended, one month apart.

Silver Option

For those desiring minimal downtime, we also offer a more typical microneedling, under topical, medical-grade anesthetic. Four to six treatments are recommended.